Your Grass Your Mower

Look at the Side by Side comparison of a precision Trim by a Robotic Mower cutting a little snippet of Grass on your lawn daily and the machete style of grow and mow once a week lawn care we have all come to accept.  EmowersDirect's Robotic Mowers will keep your grass in a pristine carpet like condition.  Our little trimmings fall into the soil and act as fertilizing agents fostering healthier grass blades and using far less water. 

The following charts is an accurate depiction of Grass types, Seed Planting Zones accross the US, and Mowing Height to maintain the Healthiest Lawn for your Region.

EmowersDirect will ensure you have a Mower for your type of Grass, your Lawns Slope, and Your Lawns Size.

There is no type of Grass We can't Cut!  No Size Yard We can't Handle!

No Time We Won't Be the First to Tell if Otherwise!




The Best Generation of Lawn Care is Here!  Join the Robotic Mowing Revolution!  Give your old noisy, smelly, gas guzzling, air polluting mower to your brother in law!

You have a Partner in the Robotic Mowing Revolution!


Guaranteed Installation

We will install your new mower anywhere in USA

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You have a Partner. We will sell, install, and service your New Mower

World’s Best Manufacturers

We only sell and represent the leading international manufactures representing this Robotic Revolution

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We will supply FREE software updates when available, equipment upgrades with the sole purpuse to maximize your mower's uptime