Hurricanes, Tornados, and More Oh My!

Ugly Weather is No Joke! No Doubt!

Many of our Partners enjoy Beautiful Lawns in Florida, Texas, California, and other Great Grass Growing States.

"With great beauty comes great heartache"  Where have we heard that one before right!

All EmowersDirect Robotic Mowers are connected to an electronic grid.  If you are experiencing a warning for more violent than normal thunderstorms or worse; park your little Robotic Mower inside and wait for the storm to clear.

Any of the EmowersDirect Mowers can be disconnected from their electronic grid by simply unplugging their charging home base or shutting down the grid from their smartphone App.

Safety while Mowing or Resting is our Manufacturing Partners Primary Concern.  Ugly Weather means taking your Robot inside or closing down your Grid from your Smart Phone. This is now Possible with weather updates anywhere in the world and a simple APP command from you.

Welcome to the Now Generation of Lawncare

EmowersDirect you have a Partner in the Robotic Mowing Revolution!

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