Thanks to the revolutionary design of our product we hold a very special position at the municipal equipment market. During the first year from the launch of serial production, we have won appreciation and respect of both consumers and specialists throughout Europe, USA, and Japan. During the following 10 years we added several new machines to our product portfolio and expanded the sales network to almost 50 countries all over the world. We strive to create and produce new products with high design and aesthetic standards. The satisfaction of clients is our primary goal.  Spider Mowers, 2018

The DVORAK - svahove sekacky Ltd. (DVORAK - machine division) was founded on July 1, 2004 in the Czech Republic by its current owner – Mr. Lubomír Dvořák. The patent protected radio controlled slope mower Spider is the dominant product of the company.

In 2005, The first Spider mower debuts in the US at Equipment Expo in Louisville Kentucky. Spider sign deals for sales distributors in Japan, UK, Australia, Germany, and Spain.

In 2007, First US distributorship signed up in Orlando, FL.

In 2013, Spider announces the plan for a new factory as distribution expands to 50 countries Worldwide.

By 2016 Spider has reached over 300 handcrafted mowers sold per year and continues to dominate the Worldwide market for remote controlled Robotic Industrial mowers.

The Spider mower line are the only combustion engine mowers EmowersDirect has chosen to carry.  The product is so unique and special we decided to make an exception.  No other Robotic Mower in the world can climb slopes, mow heavy brush, and power through almost any terrain like the Spider.  Because it is remote controlled with no human rider, it adds a level of safety only a Robotic Mower can provide.

Please Remember over 80,000 people per year are sent to the Hospital Emergency room and over 75 tragic preventable deaths occur in the US each year due to combustion lawn mower accidents.  Many of them caused by users trying to maneuver a typical riding mower into a slopped or uneven terrain and their mower cap sizes onto them. 

For all these reasons and more, EmowersDirect is proud to represent to Spider Mowers line of Remote Controlled Mowers!



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