"And the Vision That was planted in my brain...Still Remains....Within the sound of Silence" Paul Simon

Almost every morning in Almost every neighborhood it's the same thing:  A large truck with an even Larger Trailor pulls up unloading several large combustion mowers, a half dozen trimmers & blowers, and a noisy, polluting, grass onslaught begins.  They rip through the yards and common areas of Your neighborhood with all the delicacy of a machete-wielding tornado.  Your street is turned into 1 lane only and the noise actually shakes windows.


Is this really what we have come to accept in Lawncare?

The unfortunate previous alternative was Dad spending half his weekend toiling old "Petro Pete" around the yard and making the same noisy, polluting, smelly mess all on his own. The good thing was at least he didn't block off half the street!

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" Network 1976

The Now Generation of Lawncare is here.  EmowersDirect's Robotic Mowers will silently mow your yard day or night with the precision of your local barber.  That's right, it's like getting a haircut every single day.  Our Robotic Mowers autonomously head out on their job any time you program them to and give your yard a little trim.  No more "grow & mow".  You have a Beautiful Carpet like Lawn 365 days a Year!

Silence is Golden...Don't You Think!

Guaranteed Installation

We will install your new mower anywhere in USA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You have a Partner. We will sell, install, and service your New Mower

World’s Best Manufacturers

We only sell and represent the leading international manufactures representing this Robotic Revolution

Updates Upgrades Uptime

We will supply FREE software updates when available, equipment upgrades with the sole purpuse to maximize your mower's uptime

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