Robotic Mower vs Mother-in-Law

Can I program my new Robotic Lawn Mower to run over my Mother-in-Law?

No!  No You Can't.

All kidding aside. Combustion Lawn mowers can be very dangerous and unfortunately deadly.

Robotic Mowers are not perfect.  They are to be treated with all reasonable safety precautions in mind.

EmowersDirect's Manufacturing partners have designed every feature with safety at the forefront.  They are a much safer option than traditional mowers and the following startling statistics bear that fact out daily.


Safety First


Regular lawn mowers can be extremely dangerous to operate. In one quick move, you could lose a limb or worse, your life. By comparison, robotic lawn mowers are extremely safe, even though they still have dangerous blades underneath.


Built-in safety features such as collision detection systems prevent robotic mowers from bumping into obstacles. Better still, high-tech sensors turn the blade off when objects get close or whenever you lift the machine. These features help to alleviate accidents and injuries to children, adults, and pets alike.


Bryan Wolfe MUO 2018



More than 80,000 people go to the emergency room each year because of lawn mower injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. That's a troubling statistic that hasn't gone down in recent years. And the dangers from lawn mowers extend beyond personal injuries.

In June, a Forest, Virginia home went up in flames, and fire officials say the probable cause was the owner’s lawn mower. At least 40 firefighters battled the blaze, spraying the roof after it caved in. Officials say the owner used the lawn mower right before the fire, and then put it under the deck near stored gasoline.

ABC News, July 2018


Lawnmower injuries sent more than 80,000 people - including 5,000 children - to U.S. emergency rooms in 2015, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Lawnmowers are especially dangerous for children, cited by the Amputee Coalition as the number one reason for pediatric amputations nationwide.

According to the commission, 800 children are run over by riding mowers or small tractors each year, and more than 600 of those incidents resulted in amputation.

Lawnmower injuries have been blamed for an average of 70 deaths annually, the CPSC said. The injuries range from people falling or slipping in front of or off a mower; burns; amputations from the blades; damage from projectiles thrown from the lawnmower; or, in the Alabama case, rollovers.

"Lawn mowing can unexpectedly become a dangerous activity, especially when children are near. It's imperative that operators take proper precautions and eliminate all risks to reduce these traumatic injuries," said American Society of Plastic Surgeons president Jeffrey Janis, MD.

Alabama Department of Public Health

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