Safety is EmowersDirect Number 1 Priority

Kids do the Darndest Things!  We all know this first-hand.  Anything mechanical can also be harmful if not used properly.  Our Robotic mowers are safer and much less dangerous than a traditional Gas powered ride or push mower.

Lawnmower injuries send 13 children to the emergency department every day 

Researchers encourage parents to keep young children inside while mowing and teach teens safety tips

May 30, 2017
Nationwide Children's Hospital
All of our Robotic Mowers have protective shielding surrounding the Cutting Area
All of our Robotic Mowers have smart sensor technology which causes them to stop when they encounter any object
All of our Robotic Mowers stop mowing when lifted from the ground
All of our Robotic Mowers have emergency stop buttons directly on each unit
Teach your Children Well!  Don't ever intentionally reach under moving Robotic Mowers and keep infants away.
Read our other safety pages for even more startling statistics.

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