Robomow was founded in Israel, 1995 and was originally called 'Friendly Machines'. Founded by two men, Udi Peless and Shai Abramson, the story has it that one hot summer's day, Mr. Peless’s wife asked him to mow the lawn. While trying to avoid this impending chore, Udi fantasized about a robotic lawnmower, and so, Friendly Machines was created. Udi Peless says, "move in and around the home, doing the mundane lawn mowing task that people do not like to do anymore".

The Robomow Classic model debuted in the GLEE exhibition in Birmingham, UK in 1997 and was the ‘father’ of Friendly Robotics’ official first model. This Classic model was launched for sale in 1998, selling approximately 4000 units between 1998 and 2001. The company name was changed to Friendly Robotics in 1999 to better reflect their flagship product and a more accurate depiction of the companies focus.

In 2000, the second generation of robotic mowers arrived: the Robomow ‘RL’ platform. Compared to the Robomow Classic, Robomow RL was more advanced, smaller, lighter and significantly more user-friendly. Further enhancements included the Base Station, enabling users to create a periodic lawn mowing program.

In 2005 the company changed to their current name Robomow to permanently embed their core product line into their entire corporate outreach and visibility efforts.

In 2008, the Robomow RM made its debut as the 3rd generation of their robotic mowers. Smaller, lighter and an improved version of the Robomow RL, RM was designed specifically for the small lawn which up until now had been largely ignored. This Robomow was an overnight hit, selling 30,000 units between 2008 and 2013. 

2013 saw the birth of the Robomow ‘RS’ product line, their fourth generation of robotic mowers. Robomow continued to improve product quality and level of service.  For the first time, Robomow customers could truly program how, where, and when they wanted their lawn mowed and sit back and watch their little robot do all the work.

 In 2014, Robomow introduced its fifth generation of robotic mowers: its ‘RC’ models. These mowers were designed for lawns of up to 1/3 of an Acre and are fully programmable via the newly innovated Robomow App.

With its roots dating back to 1995, Robomow has as lengthy a product history and established earned product respect as any of the Robotic Mowers EmowersDirect chooses to represent.

In 2017, Robomow was acquired by MTD Products the manufacturer of Troy Built, Cub Cadet, and several other international brands of lawn and garden products.  This acquisition clearly demonstrated MTD's respect for the Robomow line of Robotic Mowers and their vision for lawn care of the future.  MTD is committed to remaining one of the World's leaders in quality lawn care products for Generations to come.

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