Husqvarna Automower® GPS Connect Board for 310,315 & 430 models

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Quick Overview

Automower® Connect (available on App Store and Google play) gives you full control of your Husqvarna Automower® at all times. After the dealer has installed this accessory (Automower® Connect Kit) connect in the robotic mower you are able to start, stop and park it, view and change the mower settings as well as receive alarms and track the mower’s GPS position – with your smartphone, wherever you are. GPS tracking and fault messages via SMS are available also for non-smartphone users.

Availability: In stock

  • Brand Husqvarna


    Install an upgraded GPS enabled computer board to your existing mowers motherboard. Your little buddy's new operating system will allow your smart phone App to connect to your upgraded mower and control all settings and mower functions. You will receive instant update notices of any reported issues. You put the Power of Real time Mower interaction in the palm of your Hand!