"Ever since our start in 1689, our passion for innovation, development, and precision has led to a long line of successful products and solutions in very different areas - from weapons, sewing machines and motorcycles to market-leading outdoor power products for customers around the globe. Today, our commitment to increasing usability together with our respect for nature is guiding us to produce more ergonomic products with lower emissions and better energy efficiency than ever before." Husqvarna 2018

There is no doubt that for centuries Husqvarna has been a pioneer in all things lawn and garden.  In 1995, they introduced the first solar-powered Robotic mower. 

In 1998, the first Automowers appeared on lawns in the US and the World Wide Robotic Mowing Revolution was born!

In 2016, Husqvarna introduced what has been described as "the game changer"  of Robotic Mowers.  The newly designed Automower featured smart sensor technology, precision scissor-like cutting blades, and several patented configurations designed to make the Automower the Smartest Robotic Mower yet.

Husqvarna was the first company to pass the 1 million mower mark for mowers sold worldwide.  With over 300 years in business and over 20 years or Robotic research and development, it is no wonder Husqvarna continues to be a global leader in lawn care equipment and a pioneer in Robotic Mowers.

EmowersDirect is proud to represent the entire line of Husqvarna Automower Robotic Mowers!

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