"Honda Power Equipment’s Miimo lawnmower delivers a beautiful lawn without homeowners having to physically cut their grass,” said Michael Rudolph, Vice President - Honda Power Equipment. “For customers who want to be on the cutting edge of technology, have busy lifestyles and don’t have the time for lawn care, or for customers who don’t enjoy cutting the grass, Miimo is the high-tech approach to achieving a beautiful yard.” Honda USA 2017

Although a relative newcomer to the Robotic Mower product line, Honda took its usual methodical approach and invested 20 years of R&D before launching a mowing robot to market.

Debuted in Europe in 2012 and launched in the US in 2017, The Honda Miimo quickly assumed a leading roll in the worldwide robotic mower market.  Typical Honda speed, agility, and technical prowess; they passed most other manufacturers like they were standing still.

Honda is the number 1 company in Worldwide traditional combustion Lawn Mower engine sales for a reason.  Honda's commitment to excellence is second to none. EmowersDirect is thrilled with the Robotic products Honda USA has brought to market and even more confident in the products Honda will deliver in the future.

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