Jack & Jill

"Jack and Jill went up a Hill to fetch a pale of Water.  Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!"

From the time we were all very young we learned that hills were dangerous.  Trying to mow a hill...4get Abowt It!

EmowersDirect is here to change all that.  The degree of incline from the low end of a gradual or steep hill to the high end is called slope.

Our mowers can be effectively installed to mow up to a 45-degree slope!

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Gone are the days where slope, type of grass, obstacles in your yard, worries about theft, and many other real or imagined challenges prevented you from enjoying an Automated Robotic Lawn Mower!

Whether you live on a lake with a gradual decline toward the water, a house on a hill with scenic views, or a home in a suburb with a fence dividing the yard, EmowersDirect will Design, Engineer, and Install a solution which works for you!


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