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Why Autonomous Mowers?

Autonomous mowers are suddenly popping up everywhere. It should come as no surprise when you consider their many advantages.

Emission Free

Robotic mowers run on electric power. No more annoying trips to the gas station, replacing spark plugs or changing the oil.

Whisper Quiet

Most units are so quiet you might not even know they’re running. So quiet, in fact, you can even run them at night. 


Lift and tilt sensors prevent mowers from operating when not upright. Lightweight retractable blades prevent damage to obstacles and don’t spray debris.


Autonomous mowers use on average about $5.00 in electricity per month.

Better for your lawn

Units weigh as little as 18 lbs, run in a different pattern every time and only cut a little grass each time. The cuttings are left as needed nutrition for the grass.  The result is a lawn like a carpet all season.


Our favorite feature is the time we get back for other things. 



Today’s autonomous mowers take full advantage of emerging battery technologies, using the safest and longest-lasting batteries available.

How long does the battery last?

Battery lifetime with average use is around five years and only cost about $150 to replace.

How long do these run on one charge?

Mowers typically run 60-90 minutes before returning to their base to charge.

How long do they take to recharge?

Between 45 to 60 minutes for most mowers to reach full charge.

How do they get power?

All units come with a base station and low voltage cord which plugs into any standard outlet.

How much do they cost to run?

Running costs depend on the size of your lawn but are only $10-$50 per season.

Do I need to recharge manually?

No. They find their own way home when they get tired



Installation is simple and easy on any lawn, even those with multiple or complex landscape features.

Does my lawn need to be a certain size? 

No. Most mowers are built for lawns up to 1.25 acres but Echo has a mower for up to 5 acrees. Depending upon yard size and complexity multiple units can be used.

Do I need to bury the wire?

No. If you choose our professional installation, we bury the boundary and other guide wires for you. You can also do this yourself, but many DIY kits include above-ground wire and small stakes designed to grow into your lawn quickly.

What if I have a complex lawn?

No problem. Perimeter wire, remote object sensors, and GPS are used to handle even the most demanding lawns.



No lawn mower in history has been as safe and reliable as today’s autonomous mowers.


Sophisticated theft prevention is built into every model. Each unit has some combination of built-in alarms, pin codes, base station exclusivity, auto-disabling, and GPS tracking.


Depending on the model, all units have a combination of object, lift, tilt, and/or location sensors that stop the blades automatically when they encounter anything unexpected or outside of normal operating parameters.

Safer Blades

Many robotic mowers, for example the Automower by Husqvarna, have unique lightweight blades that instantly and automatically retract if they encounter any obstacle.



In the 20 years since they’ve been introduced, autonomous mowers have been continually refined, and can now do many things traditional mowers can’t.

How do they know to stay in my yard?

All units use a perimeter wire – similar to electric dog fences. Some units also have GPS to help map the yard.

Can they handle hills?

Better than a riding mower. Today’s autonomous mowers can handle slopes up to 45% and in late 2019 the 535X from Husqvarna will be able to handle slopes up to 70%.

Can they run in the rain?

Units are designed to run in the rain and because of their unique design will also not “tear” wet grass like other mowers.

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