Home Automation

Home Automation is Here!  Every Appliance, Musical device, TV, Thermostat, and now Yard can be fully Automated.

EmowersDirect is positioned to be on the leading edge of Automation technology as it continues to evolve.

Google and Amazon plan to Automate your inside EmowersDirect plans to Automate your outside.

There are Bluetooth and cellular Apps for most of our Robotic Mowers.  You can control virtually every function of your Smart Robot from your phone.  Some from inside your home and others from anywhere in the world.

All of our chosen Manufacturer Partners are the leading technology innovators in their field.  We are confident that they will continue to stay at the forefront of Technology.

You can be confident EmowersDirect will always partner with the leading Companies in the Automated Robotic Mowing Revolution!

We have included this very charming Video from one of the leading Home automation companies. It's a heartwarming look at some things to come if you care to experience.

If you do take the time to watch ask yourself this.  Is there any imaginary way you could picture the next scene to be the Mom or the Dad heading into the garage and ripcord starting a loud gas mower with a plume of exhaust and heading out onto the yard to mow?

We can't Either.

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